Welcome to Full Potential Counselling

In an ideal world life would be simple, people would relate kindly with each other and each of us would have the chance to realise our full potential. As this, in most cases, is not reality we have to find ways of dealing with the struggles life presents. Struggles may include losses, big and small, relationship challenges and trauma. There is a whole myriad of issues in life that cause us heartache and decrease our opportunities for joy and inner peace.

Counselling or psychotherapy might be helpful as a place to take some time out for you. Therapy is about talking things through in a place where you are respected and feel safe. Family and friends may sometimes be a great support but there are occasions when talking to someone neutral is more helpful.

I will work alongside you respecting your uniqueness and support you to a fuller understanding of yourself and your difficulties. I will take my lead from you as you consider your challenges and the options open to you to face them. I will assist you in reflecting on your issues. I will not seek to give advice as you know your world better than anyone else. However, I will illuminate patterns in your life which may not be useful or are outdated and which have become negative.

My aim is:

  • to understand your difficulties with compassion and kindness
  • to assist you in recognising and enhancing your strengths and to help you reconnect with yourself
  • to help you live to your full potential
  • to cultivate a greater resilience to deal with life's challenges
  • to encourage you to grow in confidence and to make changes in your life that make you feel happier.


I meet clients in a comfortable therapy room in Ballincollig, Cork.


Without judgement I invite you to safely explore your challenges in an atmosphere of compassion and trust.


I facilitate daytime and evening appointments.